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The Creators of 'Awesome Foods'

Bruce & Marsha Weinstein, from the suburbs of Philadelphia, are the creators of Awesome Foods. We started Awesome Foods in September, 2005 to provide raw, organic, right carb foods to the public. We have owned a health food store, Nature's Harvest in Willow Grove, PA since 1992. We started to eat mostly raw during the summer of 2003 and noticed the improvement in how we felt right away. As we shopped for raw foods, we noticed that many of them were made with dates, honey and other very sweet ingredients. Both of us have hypoglycemia, Bruce more so than Marsha. So, we can't eat a lot of very sweet foods. Also, they are not healthy for most people when eaten to often. We were inspired too make foods that were really healthy for people and tasted awesome. Thus, the idea for Awesome Foods was born. We opened Awesome Foods for business on 9/4/05.

Most of the food we make is unsweetened. However, our sweet items are made with either coconut nectar, agave nectar, carob powder or mesquite powder as the sweetner. Coconut nectar is very low on the glycemic index and is low in fructose. This means that it does not cause a strong insulin reaction, unlike dates and honey, which are very high on the glycemic index. Our new fruit & nut bars are made with dried prunes, apricots or figs, which are also lower on the glycemic index.


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